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Let us help you get insurance

The importance of insurance cannot be overemphasised and is more important when you are in the transport business. From your vehicles to drivers to transport equipment, insurance must cover everything. We can help you with the process. The purpose of insurance is to give your property adequate protection and cover any financial liability that you could incur if anything happens to such equipment. However, there are times when the insurance you have will not give sufficient protection, and this usually happens when you don’t have a full understanding of how insurance works before going ahead to get one. We can save you the trouble.

As brokers, we assist you in sorting out the whole insurance process. From the point you buy the vehicle or equipment, we help you find the most suitable insurance company. We have access to several insurance companies and can connect you to the right ones.

We also help you get the right policy and negotiate the best premiums. We place special emphasis on comprehensive insurance because that will protect you from all liabilities that could arise from your use and ownership of the car.

St Joseph Oatley Car Brokers also help you file insurance claims when it is necessary to do that, and if you are thinking of switching your insurance policy to a more comprehensive one, you can come to us. Changing your insurance might be necessary when the current policy you are on does not offer sufficient coverage. When you work with us, you have the assurance of adequate protection because we will not get you an insurance policy that will expose you to any liability.

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Importance of insurance

Legal Obligation

The law makes it compulsory that you should have certain kinds of insurance, such as auto insurance for your vehicles and insurance for your employers. The essence of auto insurance is to protect other road users in case of accidents.

Lenders requirement

Many lenders will demand that you have insurance on the equipment or vehicle you are using the finance you get from them to buy. This ensures that they can recoup their losses if anything happens to the property before you finish repayments.

Protects you from financial liability

Where your vehicle accidentally damages another person’s property or injures the person, the financial liability incurred here will include the cost of repairing the person’s property or paying hospital bills. It could even include the cost of litigation. Your insurance can cover all these costs.

Protects your property from loss or damage

There are always the risks of a loss or damage when you own a property. It could be malicious as in case of stealing or vandalism and could be accidental as in fire or road accidents. Whichever it is, insurance will cover the cost of repairs and, if it is a loss, the cost of replacement.

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